By: nonstickron

Sep 29 2010

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Cylee looked like she was going to cry when I got there today. She was easy to cheer up though. Some kid had just accidentally sat on her hand.

Was a good day today. Was fun staying home with the kids. Took Cylee and Ciara to the car wash with me after school. They have been saying how we needed to clean it (they were right) and we got it washed at the big place on Dunlawton. $3 wacky Wednesday! Then the three of us vacced it out. We hit the pool before dinner. It was Xander’s turn to go with us, he had a great time in the water. I dont like my chances of keeping both babies undrowned, so I alternate. We left when his lips started going purple. So lots of good quality bonding time with them today. I missed Dee but I expect she is having a good time with Shayla. Inside console, windows and dash still needs scrubbing…I dunno why they like cleaning the car but might as well take advantage while I can. I’ll save the rest so Dee can help. Don’t want her to feel left out. Gave the lady across the hall a monitor. She told me she had a laptop with a busted screen earlier today when I gave her a lift to the bank. When it worked she praised Jesus and told the lord to bless me. Too busy with all that to just say “thank you” but whatever, I told her “you’re welcome” anyway. Hehe.
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