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Oct 01 2010

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For many years now, DME has had limited resources that could design and implement realistic-looking Direct Smile sets. After a few training sessions earlier this year, Ron began working on sets and has taken very well to the software and all of its capabilities. In the short time that he has been working on the Direct Smile sets, coupled with his Photoshop capabilities and attention to detail, he has become the point person for professional sports personalized assets. Ronny’s skills were put to the test over the last month due to several changes and enhancements required to the Replay Photos assets. 

As Replay readied the launch of their new NFL Team Photo Stores, Replay wanted to know if we could make the numbers on the NFL jerseys variable to provide consumers a new and unique option for their personalized photo products.  While Direct Smile certainly has the ability to accomplish this, it was more of a challenge to maintain the realistic nature due to the amount of wrinkles in the fabric and the unique treatment present on the numbers vs. the names on the jersey. The numbers had special strokes that could not be achieved using standard fonts so a picture font or pic font had to be created to accomplish the goal. The process is much more laborious because Ronny had to create each of the numbers (0-9) using Photoshop and apply treatments to match each respective NFL team. Most of the teams have unique fonts and all having unique treatments to match team color scheme it was an excellent assignment to test his abilities. Additionally a mask was required for each set to apply the shadows necessary to achieve the depth of realism to fool the most scrupulous fan.   

Ronny proved that he was up to the challenge and the end result has greatly exceeded Replay’s expectations.   Ronny has also taken point on changing the work environment for the Commercial division. Starting with taking photos of the area and apply different color options to the photos that provided the commercial team the ability to pick which color they liked the best.  In addition to leading the charge of the paint selection process Ronny had an idea to apply filters to the bright overbearing florescent lights and add artistic touch to the environment. The end result was well received by all who work in the area.

 In the end, Ronnie is always ready for a challenge and willing to learn anything that can help the team achieve goals. He continues to prove that he’s a valuable asset to the Commercial team and DME through his actions and his great attitude.   



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