Home made clam chowder

By: nonstickron

Oct 17 2010

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So I’m not the kinda guy to use a recipe for something I’ve eaten a lot of times and I figure I know how to make it.  Soups especially.  It’s usually hit or miss.  Sometimes it’s amazin and sometimes its…a little too much this or that.

So I’m thinking I should start making my own recipes for things I like to eat and cook.  Write them down here and I can look back at what I did and determine what I did wrong if it doesn’t come out perfect.  If it does, so much the better. So…Tonight I’m making home-made clam chowder.  

Ron’s Clam Chowder

Three large cans of whole baby clams.  
A dozen peeled cubed boiled potatoes.  
A large container of heavy cream.  
A stick of butter.
Half cup minced cilantro
Dash vermouth
winn dixie brand real bacon bits
half of a large yellow onioin 
garlic cloves
salt, pepper 
corn starch 

1. Peel, dice and boil potatoes
2. Chop up onion and garlic clove 
3. Drain
4. Dump back in pot
5. Dump in clams, cilantro, cream, butter; salt, pepper
6. Add milk till there’s enough liquid in pot for soup
6. Fry onions and garlic and bacon bits in butter till onioins brown
7. Dump fried stuff into pot
8. Add dash of vermouth
9. Add more salt and pepper to taste 
10. Cook for a bit so everything marries together
11. Add corn starch as necessary to thicken


Yep, so that’s about as close as I can get.  I dont actually measure anything out.  I should probably but that would be a pain in the ass.  It’s at stage 10 right now, hoping it’s yummy. 


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