Shitty Day

By: nonstickron

Oct 19 2010

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I think theres a lot of things that could happen in a day to make it shittier than the one I had today.  My whole family could get killed.  I could lose a limb, or my vision.  Apartment could burn down.  I could get fired from my job.  Oh, I could have a stroke and lose half my bodily function.  I could get ass raped by Bigfoot in the parking lot on my way to my car in the morning, while everyone I know watches it happen live on the news.

Instead I broke one of my favorite things by accident.  Then our livingroom tv broke…the xbox I got the girls for xmas is gonna go over REAL good now. Two sweaty trips to the school instead of one today.  Then after a couple hours cleaning the kitchen i stumble stepping over the baby gate into the bedroom.  Normally not so bad, that one, but this time I had a baby girl in one arm and a hot steaming bowl of soup/stew/couscous in the other.  That could have definitely gone worse.   

I clutched Zoey to my chest like a football, letting the soup fly to balance myself as my fat ass stumbled and then went down…Luckily knees first.  Zoey was ok, a little hot soup got on her but not too much, although she was screaming like shed been dipped in boiling oil.  

So ok, that sucked, gotta be the crown pinnacle of the shittiness for the day right?  Nope.  Only way I can see to clean up couscous scattered across carpet is the vacuum cleaner.  Well, the vacuum doesn’t fucking work, the beater brush hasn’t worked in nobody knows how long apparently.  Good times keep getting better.  So I use the hose thing on my hands and knees, getting thoroughly disgusting in the process.  So does the vac.  So I take it outside and take it apart so I can figure out whats wrong with it at the same time as cleaning it.  Belt is snapped, brush wrapped tightly in hair.  Easy enough to fix. Take all the parts back inside to wash it in the sink…

The kids want storytime.  Have to talk to them 4 times to be quiet and not wake up their sister.  Oh, great…they woke her up.  Fuck storytime, these kids are going to bed.  And now I’m typing.  I wish I had money, so I could buy something to Drink…I could use it.  

Nevermind.  I’d probably just have something else shitty happen to me on the way to/from the store.

Yeah, it could have been a lot worse…but it was still pretty shitty.  And it’s only 9:30


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