Brunswick Sardines with Soybean Oil and Hot Peppers

By: nonstickron

Jan 08 2011

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Got a few different kinds of sardines to try over the next week or so.

This brand had nice packaging, an attractive plastic wrapper over the plain metal tin. Opening it was no problem, pull tab on the tin. I looked for the old style tins with the little key fir opening but didn’t see any brands with that.

The fish looked nice, nice slices of jalepeños on top. Mouth feel was pretty ok, not overly mushy or slimy. Bones were gross but expected. The little remnant of tail the missed wasn’t expected and kinda gross. I wish the trimmed a little meat off rather than leave even a sliver of tail. Not really noticeable after a couple chews though. Oil wasn’t oily, felt clean on the palette.

Taste was good. Not too fishy, no artificial or chemical flavors. Pepper taste was very mild, would have liked it to be spicier. Over all I can say they were something I would eat again. Eager to see how they compare over the next couple days.


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