It begins Part 2

By: nonstickron

Mar 10 2011

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So I found this site that has info about making your body a hostile environment for candida.

It recommends doing a cleanse for 7-14 days and then tightly regulating your diet, relaxing allowed foods in stages. Basically eliminating carbs and sugars completely in the beginning.

Got my detox stuff in the mail from vitacost yesterday and made my broth I’m allowed to have last night. The broth is kinda tasty, I put chili peppers in it so it’s got a nice spicy zing. Would be “good” if it had some salt in it.

I binged a bit yesterday, like a death row inmate on his last day.

This morning I weighed 283.6 according to my bathroom scale. Drank my detox drink and my broth. Took an olive leaf extract supplement. So far so good.


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