It begins.

By: nonstickron

Mar 10 2011

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Starting a Cleanse fasting regimen.

I’ve had weird issues with the skin of my boy parts for going on 2 years. A Uriologist told me it was a yeast infection. Gave me a cream. Relieved symptoms but wasn’t a cure. I went to a dermatologist when it got unbearably bad. He said I had candidal balanitis, prescribed same cream even though I told him it didn’t work and 2 days of diflucan. My lady also got diflucan from her obgyn. Again, symptoms relieved but not a cure.

Other things I’ve tried topically include coconut oil, olive oil, a&d, neodporin, tea tree oil, lotions, changing soaps & laundry detergent.

Ok well now things have gotten wierder. I’ve started getting sores in random places. Started with my neck. Then a nasty one on my elbow, this morning one on my thigh.


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