Ideas – Work

By: nonstickron

Sep 19 2011

Category: Uncategorized

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Got a couple ideas for “Holiday” themed Customer Rave packages.

One I’d like to do after I think through it more is like a patchwork thing. Like a scrapbookie looking design with various strips of stuff (fabric, paper, string, beads, etc) all layered on top of each other. It will be tricky to make it tile, so I’ve gotta work it out in my head a bit more first…plus while that will make a good giftwrap, I’m not sure how to make that work for the other components.

The one I’m working on now will be fall related. Pumkins, leaves, fall colors, candycorn maybe…for the giftwrap anyway. Figuring out how to take a giftwrap idea and turn it into a candybar wrapper, is harder than vice versa…lol.


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