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By: nonstickron

Sep 25 2011

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Yesterday evening after the floor was done, we relaxed a little, then got ready to go out. Getting ready took about an hour longer than originally estimated. We went to Ocean’s Buffet which wasn’t up to the hype we’d heard, but it was still top notch for a chinese buffet, as they usually are when they first open up. We’re glad we got in before the quality drops in 6 months or so.

Afterwards we realized it was too late to hit hobby lobby, so we went to the Home Goods store at The Pavilion. Did some window shopping, witnessed some parenting that made us look good, had a laugh with some hats. Dauvy picked out a shirt, she looks fantastic in it.

Then we tracked down World of Beers, each had 2 beers and went to get the kids from Lea. We thought about stopping at home on the way for some sugar, but we didn’t want to impose and wear out our welcome with our one friend who will babysit for us…we were both pretty tired anyway. Came home and hit the sheets.

This morning the babies got us up bright and early, as usual (sigh). Dauvy got up and went downstairs with Xander but I managed to snuggle with Willow until Zoey came in and started playing “Do you see me?” with me. Took them downstairs.

Went back upstairs and waited for Dauvy to come looking for me wondering what I’m doing, jumped her for some overdue lovin.

Dauvy and I watched a movie together, Burlesque, not bad…sexy and I like musicals. Wasn’t the typical recycled romance plotline or teen drama.

Ate the breakfast Dauvy made, at around 1. 

Just put down compost on our garden plot and tilled it in. 

I need cough drops, I’m gonna hop in the shower and then run to the store. They really out to make menthol cough drops that are not sweet. I would like them better, not sure what they would use though.


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