High Noon review I did for www.appasnap.com

By: nonstickron

Oct 20 2011

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Playability 10 / 10

The controls are a highlight of the game. It requires you to “holster” your phone, meaning turn it upside down, and then when the bell rings, you pull it up and try to use the gyroscope to aim at and shoot your opponent before they shoot you. A lot of fun to be had. The menus are simple and straight forward, with shortcuts along the top of the home screen for some of the things that are a little more buried in the menus that you’d want to access quickly. The idea is simple, but using the gyroscope to aim can be tricky. But that’s the whole point, to see who can aim and shoot more accurately and faster. The controls are pretty basic and there is no option to modify them although there is no need. Any ability to adjust the calibration of the tilt would have probably broken the whole “holster/draw” mechanism of the game. It’s best to play this game sitting upright or standing anyway, due to the concentration it demands. The controls are very responsive in the Menu system and In Game. Taps and respond with timely and accurate movement in the game. The shooting element feels very satisfying.. This game is multiplayer only, but you don’t need a long list of friends to have fun. GameCenter support is included and random match-ups are fast and easy..

Graphics 8 / 10

The graphics style is roughly illustrated, and works well for this game. Of course the whole game has a Old West flair to it. I find the graphics to be quite effective for the mood and style this game is trying to capture. There’s a lot of customization you can do to your character, although if you’re not willing to pony up for wampum, your selection from that pool of customization is somewhat limited. When you’re defeated in a duel, there’s a nice little touch where it shows your oppenents face as you get boxed into a grave.

Sound 6 / 10

The music is ok and fits the game style, there’s definitely a Clint Eastwood feel to it. Sound effects are minimal and the background music repetitive, but they’re as good as they need to be. I regularly mute the game in fact, sound is completely unnecessary. The bell can be helpful when its time to draw your weapon but the phone also vibrates to notify you when that happens.. The quality of the sound was fine with the little amount that was in it..

Longevity 9 / 10

The longevity of this game isnt’ bad, but suffers from the in app purchases.  It starts to become a “pay to win” situation as your level gets higher and the weapons that become available for your level in the store are only able to be purchased with “wampum” which you have to buy via IAP.  You can continue to play with the weapons you are able to buy with money earned in game, but you might find yourself outclassed unless your skill level is high. Once you max your level out, you may find yourself still playing this game if you have some real world friends playing it.  You can put them on your “hitlist” and challenge them to a duel or steal money from them.  It can be quite entertaining to just steal all of your friends money.  High Noon IS pretty addictive.  

Value 10 / 10

The game is free to play, so it’s hard to say the wampum thing should drive you away. It’s a lot of fun for as long as you can avoid becoming annoyed by the need to either purchase wampum or just ignore the fact that other people are using it to buy better gear than you..

Overall 9 / 10

I had, and am having, a great time with this game. My skill level has gotten to the point that I win at least half my duels, even against people with IAP guns. There ARE some cheaters, that is something to be aware of. There’s currently a mod in cydia that will let you ignore the need to reload and viewpoint shake from shooting and being shot. Those people usually suck at the game though, so they can still be beaten if you’re on your game. I try to get all my friends to play it, and will continue to do so.


One comment on “High Noon review I did for www.appasnap.com”

  1. This is one of the best apps I’ve bought recently. A great concept and a great execution of said concept. For a game that has so much going on, it is incredibly intuitive.

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