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By: nonstickron

Oct 20 2011

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Playability 10 / 10

The controls do what they’re supposed to. It’s a simple control scheme and it didn’t need anything more than what it has. There’s not much to learn. The game isn’t just casual, it’s One-handed Casual. Simple and easy to execute, as long as you can pay attention and keep one finger ready to tap the screen. The controls are too simple to need any adjustments or tweaking, so there are none available. They’re as responsive as they can be, and when you die you don’t curse the controls, you curse yourself for your horrid reflexes. It’s a variation on the side-scroll running/jumping genre, and as such there’s not room for a multiplayer mode. High scores can be compared through Gamecenter.

Graphics 8 / 10

The graphics are animated nicely, the style is very on par with what we’ve come to expect from Halfbrick. Slowdown or lag is never an issue. The variety of the different jetpacks and imagination that went into making them is commendable. The quality of the sprites is top notch, this game could never be accused of being half baked.. Interestingly the game is fond of taking snapshops of your rightward travels at random times. Its a neat feature but I’ve never felt like I needed to save any of them to my camera roll, which it lets you do easily. The little things are what make the graphics in this game so good. The way your machine-gun jetpack smashes the lights as you fly over them, or the way you see piles of gold through the windows of the backdrop at times. It all comes together to give the game a very full flavour.

Sound 7 / 10

The sounds is a mixed bag. The sound of the light panels smashing and the hand slap as you high five scientists is great. The sound of the actual jetpack gets pretty tiresome eventually. Luckily there’s a variety to unlock, all with different effects and sounds.. The game’s pretty simple though so there’s not a whole lot of variety to be found in the sounds. No speech to speak of, not that it needed any. This game can definitely be played on mute, my preferred setting. No sound, one finger of one hand…nobody even has to know you’re playing a game !

Longevity 10 / 10

I tried very hard but never did “beat” this game. I thought I was going to finish all the “missions” but at the end it just resets them all and gives you a medal. Turns out it does that each time you finish them all, with many to collect. So no telling how long that would take. There’s tons of stuff to unlock, but after you get all the vehicle coin magnets, they’re strictly cosmetic. You could potentially be playing this game forever and not get anything, I have no idea. I played it for about 2 months pretty regularly and unlocked most of the jetpacks and all the magnets and finished all the missions 1.5 times before I finally got tired of it and started looking for something else to fill my One-handed Casual void. I was pretty addicted to it for quite some time so finding a game to replace it has been challenging. This game NAILS the whole carrot on a stick thing. . It’s 99 cents and the replayability potential is awesome, for the kind of game it is anyway. I’d definitely recommend it to anybody.

Value 10 / 10

For 99 cents it is excellent value as is quite addictive and very replayable. I’d definitely recommend it to anybody.

Overall 9 / 10

One-handed Casual games have a special place in my heart because I’m often holding a baby or a toddler to keep it from breaking things or screaming about how it hates this terrible world…the world of Not The Mommy. As far as casual games go, this one is probably the cream of the crop. I can definitely see myself going back to this game in 6 months to spend a couple more months on it. It’s really really great !


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