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By: nonstickron

Oct 20 2011

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Playability 10 / 10

The controls work well, they’re responsive and easy to use. However, the fact that the game play moves very fast in an upward direction while you hold the phone horizontally limits the effectiveness of them. It would be cool to have the option to play vertically. Reckless Getaway is very intuitive, anyone can figure out what they’re supposed to do in a matter of moments. Its a simple yet fun game mechanic. You can adjust the sensitivity and whether to use touch controls or tilt controls. I found myself preferring the touch controls, which consisted of a button on each side of the screen that you would touch to go in that direction. Button touches react quickly. There are two single player modes. Getaway: which is you trying to collect as many coins as possible before the finishline, while scoring as many points as you can. Wreckless: you drive a semi and smash everything you can for points. Both modes translate your score into an amount of stars unocked, where you need a certain number of stars to proceed through the following levels..

Graphics 8 / 10

This game moves very fluidly and smoothly. The “look” of the game is fantastic. Its a cartoony 3d world, with nice little bells and whistles. My favorite is the money constantly blowing out of the back of your car. Its not at all upsetting when you wreck or go flying off the screen because of how nice the physics and graphics are. It’s a spectacle. Overall I would definitely say the graphics in Reckless Getaway are pretty slick, considering how well it all meshes.

Sound 9 / 10

The sound is very good. The music, while not to my taste, fits the gameplay well. The sound effects are believable and synchronized well to the action. The music and sound effects levels are separately adjustable so you can fine-tune it to your needs and tastes. I personally turn the music off in most games unless its extremely exceptional. Sound is not required but you’ll miss the awesome roaring engine sounds of your getaway car. it really adds a lot to the enjoyment of the game. The quality of the sound recording and editing is top notch, especially that engine. I was playing in the car at one point and the sirens in the game made me think there was a real police car coming up on me at the stop light!!

Longevity 4 / 10

I really wanted more “carrot”. There are no unlocks aside from the next level in the progression. No new cars, no new powers…nothing. Once you get stuck because you can’t unlock any more levels you’ll probably just stop playing the game. While it has some wow factor at first, it wears off after awhile and the simplicity of the game coupled with the lack of progression will have you erasing this game to make room for something else. Give me pointless achievements, new colors, I dunno…SOMETHING to spend the coins on. You may come back to this game if you forget how quickly you got bored and stuck the first time, but I know I won’t be installing it again. I don’t think I would consider this game addictive. In the “Wreckless” mode I actually got a higher score by not trying to steer and just letting the truck barrel through on it’s own till the end. Thats NOT what I’d call a fun game.

Value 8 / 10

Grab it at a buck, and maybe it will entertain your kids for awhile. This game obviously isn’t meant for a sophisticated audience, so perhaps someone more in line with it’s intended audience would appreciate it more than myself.

Overall 7 / 10

Over all I’d say Reckless Racing is highly polished but a little too simplistic for my taste, with nothing there to really push me to keep playing. For some cheap entertainment you could do a LOT worse. Hopefully updates in the future will add more meat. It’s a good game, just lost my interest quickly.


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