I’m a blacksmith now!

By: nonstickron

Mar 08 2012

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So I saw some cool hairpins on etsey. It was the kinda thing where you can see how it was done but aren’t sure if you could do it or not. I decided to see what the material (copper wire) cost.

Well it’s pretty cheap, cheap enough to buy a piece to experiment with. I started by bending it to the approximate shape I wanted with my hands. I realized I needed tools since I wanted a sharp bend and I was using 4 gauge wire. Got some needle nose pliers. Then decided to maybe hammer the crossover flat. Tried hammering it against the garage floor. Bad idea, chipped the concrete. Looked around awhile and finally settled on using a flat surface on my busted floor jack. Pulled out my oversized pliers, and between all of that got it pretty shaped up. Then had to find some way to clean up the surface, got very dirty hammering it on the yucky floor jack. Ended up using my rotary tool to flush the tines and sand the surface all up. It still looks really rough. I’d like to get some actual polishing gear to do a final finish on it.


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