Fathers fight over mom of children using crowbar, spray can in DeLand – Breaking News

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Apr 17 2012

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A DeLand man who didn’t want his pregnant girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend at his house engaged him in a fight that left both men with injuries from a rusty crowbar and an aerosol can, police said.

Shane Adams Walker, 23, was charged with aggravated battery using a deadly weapon in the beating of Robert Michaud, 33, of New Smyrna Beach, DeLand police said.

According to a police report, Walker’s girlfriend, Jerrica Ward, 22, is pregnant with his child and lives with Walker. But Ward also has a child with Michaud, her ex-boyfriend.

The problem was that Walker did not want Michaud inside his Georgia Avenue house when Michaud picked up his son, telling Ward, “You need to have him go outside. I don’t go in his house, he doesn’t need to come in mine,” the report shows.

Ward told Walker he needed to stop being immature and grow up. She told Michaud to wait on the porch and he said “no,” police said.

Walker then told Michaud to leave, walking through the kitchen with a 12-inch crowbar in his hand, police said.

Both men got into a fight.

Police found Michaud covered in blood. He had injuries to his face, lumps on both sides of the back of his head, a busted lip and couldn’t move his arm. He was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona in stable condition, investigators said.

Walker, who was put in a headlock at one point, was beaten by Michaud with an aerosol can. He had injuries to the back of his head, a black eye, a small cut to his leg, bite marks on his chest and back, cuts on his fists and an abrasion to his right arm, police said.

Walker said Michaud spit on him and they started fighting, police said.

Police found the rusty crowbar and the aerosol can in the house, the report said.


Some of that doesn’t seem to be accurate, from what I heard. Not sure who’s side of the story that is. They didn’t even get his name right.


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