Missed a spot!

By: nonstickron

May 08 2012

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Glad I took pics or it would have been like that all day.

I think I’m getting the hang of it. Face went ok, still some stubble but Im worried about trying to get too close on my neck. I think I have a lot of in-grown and infected hairs. I’m told bacteria on the towel could be a culprit for the infected ones. Not a chance I could use a fresh towel everyday in our house, so I’m going to try to use my cousins idea of some viva paper towels.

On my scalp, today was a VAST improvement. Last time I think I wasn’t paying enough attention to my angle of attack on the rear crown area, really have to concentrate on holding it at the right angle. Helped to choke my grip up and rest a finger and my thumb on the bottom plate of the head.

Looking forward to straining out my aftershave this weekend.


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