Calling it done.

By: nonstickron

May 09 2012

Category: Uncategorized

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Well, a few days early, but I hadn’t noticed a change in the scent in the last 2 weeks. Decided to filter it.

I dumped it in the French Press and from there through white coffee filters. I had to change the filter 4 or 5 times, because the flow kept stopping.

Then I put it in the bottle from the rum I used, then dropped in a new whole cinnamon stick. More for looks than anything else. Fished around for a fancy “margaritaville” bottle topper I have had for years with never a reason to use it before.

Not exactly happy with the potency and staying power of it I decided to go all in with the patchoulli oil. Dumped the rest of the bottle in and shook it up.

I’m very happy with the results. Smells amazing and works well.


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