Graphic Design Workshop #1 Questions

By: nonstickron

Jun 20 2012

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It says to answer these questions and do a personal logo based on my answers. I’ll post the actual results later.

What are my three strengths as a designer?

I’m a fixer. I can find solutions to problems when there seems to be no solution.

I’m adaptable. I don’t take criticism well. I can easily move on from a design that isn’t working.

I can take a crappy design, use it as a starting point, and make it look good.

My photo editing skills are top notch.

I have a good eye for what looks good, and what works.


What are my weaknesses?

Sometimes I’m too quick to improvise, dismissing the normal routine or process in order to execute what I see as the obvious best way to do something.

I’ve no real formal training. No art/design appreciation background. 

I’m impatient…a lazy designer. I often just want to “get it done”. Take the path of least resistance.

I have a hard time staying focused.

Have a hart time “starting” sometimes.


What’s my favorite color?

Orange, earth tones. I like black but I like when there’s a contrasty color with it.


What design(ers) do I love?

Jonny Ive

Dieter Rams

Milton Glaser

Tim Burton

Saul Bass

I need to study the old (and new) masters more.


What design work do I enjoy?


I’m a big fan of architecture. 


What kind of work do I want to do in the future?

I really don’t know. I’m open to anything. I’m trying to find something to make design work fresh for me again.


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